Styl-Comp S.p.A. over for over 50 years it has a DNA characterized by the ability to innovate, making its own cornerstones: technical value, quality and beauty. The ability to know how to innovate on several fronts, offering an unlimited range of solutions for its customers, is a distinctive and unique feature on the market of high-level architectural facades.

The skilful use of architectural and/or structural cement materials with high, ultra-high or standard performance, combined with the four dedicated concrete mixing plants, with the 2D and 3D software used in the aerospace and automotive sectors, with the innovation in engineering analysis through FEM calculation and in the design and construction of molds and dedicated machines for the transport and installation and, in the end, with more than thirty different International patents allow us to create a product totally customized in every detail, responding completely to the wishes of the client.

Freedom in shapes design, performances and complex and non-repetitive customized solutions, attention to detail and top-level engineering solutions have led our company, over more than half a century of history, to work on four continents, with world-renowned architects and designers on international projects, being thus unanimously recognized as true tailors of architectural prefabrication.


Styl-Comp S.p.A.
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