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Techne s.r.l. is an internationally renowned expert in the production of metal elements for the construction of precast architectural products. The company was set up to help the Styl-Comp Group overcome the technological obstacles it occasionally met in its line of business. The philosophy of production that runs throughout precasting is technological innovation combined with experience in the field, inspired by a continual search for the perfect product. Thanks to the company's great expertise in its field, the customer quickly realises that all problems, no matter what, can be overcome or has already been faced by the Group in the past and successfully dealt with.
Techne also promotes evolution in the technical culture of this sector with its publication ELITE, an international magazine dealing with all aspects of the art of precasting. In addition to presenting the latest developments in the field, ELITE illustrates and discusses the most recent and significant projects, plus articles dedicated to the history of precasting and past and present masters who have left their mark on the industry.